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Hi All,
Im unable to register for the RogueSpear forums for assistance with AutoImage, perhaps someone here could comment on my issue please?

I'm attempting to create a fully up to date XP disc with all drivers, and that has as little user prompting as possible.

The reason for this is that it's for a not-for-profit company who refurbish computers for low income users, many of our volunteers have no computer experience. The majority of the systems donated to us have different hardware configs.

I've created a fully working DVD that achieves this with AutoImage.

I now want to host this as an image on a server, so that it can be easily deployed to new systems.

So...I went through this process to do so.

Created ISO with Autoimage, (Nlite unattended, updated with RyanVM and drivers with DriverPacks Base)
Booted test system with DVD, installed **text** portion of XP only
During the 1st reboot, used PING to take an image of XP half installed.
The idea is now now deploy the PING image via SMB to a client with a PING CD - this will install the correct drivers/HAL, etc to the various HW configs onsite.

**However** When this is done, the GUI portion of XP setup asks for the original CD media as it expects setup files in D:\I386.

Methods I've tried to resolve this...

1. DriverPack method 1/2 - both ask for CD.
2. Booted to WinPE and ran "winnt32 /makelocalcopy" - Complainds that "presetup.cmd" "setuporg.exe" are missing. Doesn't if files are copied using WinPE, but setup looses unattended settings due to me using winnt32 and not setup.exe

Can anyone comment on how to get around this?

Re: Remove CD Requirement in GUI setup portion

use the fully working dvd... (simplest easiest first)

anything else (like sysprep) will take a HUGE amount of your time and not work as well.

You should try RIS using autoimage... I am sure you will have your best shot at a working server / client setup going that way. AutoImage will cure your issues with Unnattended settings, presetup.cmd, ect... when switching to a winnt32 based setup.

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Re: Remove CD Requirement in GUI setup portion

You have to tell AutoImage that you want to build an RIS image.  I use AutoImage but I've never built an RIS image (no server to play with) but I know that AI will strip the "disc" requirements during the build process.
Your best bet is to ask over in RogueSpears forums (he no longer supports it, but there are several users who will help.)

For network based driver deployments, our SAD2 utility is another option.  It works across networks as well as common disc/USB based installs.