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Many new DriverPacks were released in the past few weeks.  The culmination of fixing numerous bugs reported in the forums and routine updates.
Thank you to everyone who posted bug reports in our forums.  You've helped make DriverPacks even better!
As usual, these DriverPacks have passed our testing-team's rigorous testing methods.

Many people have asked the question: "Why are the downloads only torrents now?" or "What happened to the direct downloads?"
Well, the answer is simple:
Greed killed the DriverPacks downloads. 

Bit Torrent is now our sole means of distribution.  Our donations dropped to a level that would no longer sustain the website AND download demands.
High-speed dedicated download servers are expensive and were the first to go.  Then we lost our donated CDN bandwidth.  Bit Torrent is now our only option left.

So, if you find DriverPacks useful AND you make money from their use (Enterprise/Commercial use), please strongly consider donating a fraction of your profits to DriverPacks to help sustain the efforts.
Donations have always been voluntary, but money is getting scarce.
As an alternative to donating money, many have volunteered to donate bandwidth by setting up a Bit Torrent Seed Server.  More information is at the bottom of this page:

With the fair weather coming over the next few months, development of the DriverPacks will slow down as the team spends more time outdoors with our families and friends.

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If I make a donation, can I get access to testing forum?

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Absolutely... All donors are given access to the testing team forum big_smile.

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At the very least, torrent-only downloads are fine enough with me. That way, I can donate something without spending money at it. wink

I know you guys still need some cash apart from that, though.

Great work has been done. Enjoy some time with your friends and families, now -- it has well been earned, as far as I can see.

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At first, when torrent distribution became fact (and that a good while ago), I thought we would have some reports from people working in IT that had a rule to work from behind some intra-zone access server not being able to use a torrent client.
But then, well, company I.T. admins can work the permissions so they get what they damn well know saves them LOTS of time.

Individuals, well, nowadays, even if they do not know what DriverPacks can do for them they are are probably wise to what a torrent can do, and if they weren't wise to what a torrent cleient is, they don't run setup.

One of these days I (or we) should update the old tute (2007), to show all what the later Base app can do.
I have been somewhat out of the picture while still using DriverPacks, but, you know, at this time ((June 2011) windows 7 has proved to me that in several machines, it could not install itself without  the extra drivers properly made available to it.

Let's say that way back (until 2010, actually, off screen) I tried make some companies aware of what caused conflict in apparently un-related drivers, and let's say that super-generics are still not gone, but, let's also say that a LOT OF YOU helped figure out how to effeciently deal with that.

You've all helped this project to be of greater use than many would have ever believed possible.
Kind regards, Jaak

The answer was 42?
Kind regards, Jaak.

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Welcome back Jaak!  Good to see you around again old friend. smile

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mr_smartepants wrote:

Welcome back Jaak!  Good to see you around again old friend. smile

Like and old Rock Star, you can never give up.

Nice to see you back.

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Good to see you here again, Jaak! smile

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