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I have HP mini 110 pink laptop. three days ago it continue restarting itself and that's why I do System Restore in my system to last working point, but then my laptop do not have any sound. I do not know why this happened. Any idea would be highly appreciated.

Re: No sound in HP laptop

Sounds like you have too many netbooks in your house.
If it's under warranty, return it.
Not DriverPacks related, moved thread to "hardware".

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To be honest, I even could not imagine how hard it is to find decent piece of info on the above topic. It took me a couple of hours before I came across your site. No doubt, it is the best freely available source! Thanks for it!

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Re: No sound in HP laptop

I think you're a missing a driver


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I think u should download the driver. And then install it. U can go to and then enter ur laptop model name. And then enter O/S then download the sound driver. After all install the driver.

Hope that helps......


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Re: No sound in HP laptop

I have a brand new hp pavilion dv5 laptop.i use windows vista.couple days ago i was listening to music using windows media player,when the sound suddenly went off and i couldnt hear anything.then suddenly,withen 5 minutes,the sound came back on.
then yesterday i was again listening to music on the same program,when the sound came off.when i checked,it said the song was still playing on windows media. i made no change to my settings or any such thing that i think would cause the sound to just come off like that.obviously,all my sound settings are set to maximum.nothing is on mute.when i checked my sound settings,it said everything is working properly.HOWEVER,when i go to control panel > sound and click on test for the digital output device (HDMI) i hear nothing.yet it says the device is working. when i plug in my headphone and click test on speakers and dual headphones i hear the sound.but i hear no other sound from my computer.
please help.
thank you so much

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um this is the DriverPacks support forum... We support the Driverpacks.

From  your post it would seem you are not using the DriverPacks or DriverPacks BASE.

Therefore your issue is not supported (at least not by us).

Since you have an HP laptop, you should seek help from HP. (Just a thought) … d-p/707513

Have a great day and best of luck.

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Re: No sound in HP laptop

HP laptops seems to be dropping like flies in a RAID factory!  Consumer goods carrying a one-year warranty generally use some components that are engineered to last a maximum of 1.25 to 1.5 years!
I've often wondered why a Value-Added Reseller would whitelist WiFi modules, too.