Topic: Problem whith method 1

Hello I have a problem whit a "method 1".
And the option DriverPacks Method I choose " method 1 ".
Me there works almost the whole integration of the Drivers well. But when
It comes at the end of the integration, gives me a mistake:

Created OemPnpDriversPath entry. The length is 5924, whith EXCEEDS the
characters limit. You can continue the installation, but the paths listed
after the 4096 characters limit will not be procesed. You may want to remove
some driverPacks or switch to method 2.

Thank you

Re: Problem whith method 1

That's not a problem, it's meant to give that error.
The winnt.sif OemPnpDriversPath entry has a maximum limit of 4096 characters.  By including all the DriverPacks, the path length limit is exceeded.

Re: Problem whith method 1

Thank you for friend answers.
If I change the value of winnt.sif OemPnpDriversPath pus to do something to solve it?
Thank you

Re: Problem whith method 1

use M2... that is why we created it big_smile

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