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Hey Team DriverPacks

Did you thinking about make GUI interface during instalation in T13 ? after unpackage Driverpacks and they can install in GUI because in 13mins Instalator of win XP seems like stuck im know that is normal but i w8ing 45mins or 50mins to see first logon... it is bad, maybe do like (Vista/7) WIM Interface for Win XP ?


After unpacking DriverPacks and see bar with instalation and detection drivers like Stand Alone Pack on existed Windows XP, and see CMD shell with progress bar "PC/Notebooks/Netbooks" after detection all drivers, it can going through i386 Instalation XP it would be nice.

what do you think about that ? it will reduce time during instalation drvierpacks.

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Re: Hello DPBase Pack GUI (T13)

What updatepack/addons are you also integrating?

Nothing the base does happens at T13, its only during the beginning of the gui setup and finally during first login

Re: Hello DPBase Pack GUI (T13)

All Packages without 3rd ATI runtime only 12 packages and my instalation of windows XP all the time installing in time 45 min - 50min with driverpacks, without driverpacks going under 25mins, so whats going on ? T13 driverpacks just unpackages when windows installing after min 39 basic drviers i think in 13mins drvierpacks going installing and this is problem why is long.

Re: Hello DPBase Pack GUI (T13)

I agree with Ricktendo64... the only thing DriverPacks does during the PE stage of setup is extract the drivers, and there is a progress bar for that step. This takes about 4~6 minutes on a decent machine. Somthing else is causing your issue (something that perhaps is conflicting with DriverPacks). Have you made any changes after adding DriverPacks?

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Re: Hello DPBase Pack GUI (T13)

Hey OverFlow could you test that ISO ?

Link removed! (Polish unattended ISO) , probably maybe net frameworks from 1.1 to 4.0 ? i dont know really.

Thanks for all answered. … 11057.html - this is a log, u can use google translator or tell me what I need to do translate.

Edit: i deleted all driverpacks from Source and instalation is long yeah u have completly right about that... but dont know what exactly addon make that slow instalation probably maybe net frameworks 1.1, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0

Guys tell me what is better to use:



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Re: Hello DPBase Pack GUI (T13)

Download link removed!  We do NOT support warez here.
There's no point in having DriverPacks install at T-13 because they're already installed by then.  They get extracted before XP install even starts and the Windows installer installs all the drivers between T-36 & T-33.  The DriverPacks Finisher runs during GUIRunOnce or RunOnceEx depending on your preference. 
The reason there's a long delay during T-13 is because that is when all the hotfixes and applications are being installed on your pirated XP disc.

hunterpl wrote:

Guys tell me what is better to use:


I suggest you do your homework here: … 0136d1d87/

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Re: Hello DPBase Pack GUI (T13)

My windows XP is not pirated this is first point, everyone need type key in unattended version is allowed for free by nlite.

im know how to do that but i asked, about what is better in (DriverPacks Options) not how to do it.

thanks anyway for all.