Topic: [How to] SAD on USB with pre-extracted drivers?

Hello, I've created a SAD disk successfully but would like to be able to create a USB SAD disk with the drivers pre-extracted to save time. How would I go about achieving this? TIA.

Re: [How to] SAD on USB with pre-extracted drivers?

Use DriverPacks BASE to create a SAD source, selecting M1 as the method and selecting only the CPU pack (since it's the smallest).

After BASE creates your folder structure (IE C:\\) with all the files in place simply extract all the remaining packs into that folder.

IE extract the packs to your "C:\\" folder.

Pretty simple really. big_smile

Great question... and not the first time it has been asked... moved to FAQ forum

Have an Awesome day and welcome to DriverPacks.


PS this method will also work with our Vista / Win7 packs for use with NT6 platforms

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