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Since you moved my post into the FAQ section, I can no longer respond or reply or edit the post. The reason I mention this is 'Jeff' posted "I am curious why you tell people to NOT select the text mode mass storage drivers? If you do not select text mode mass storage then the created Disc will not be able to find any SATA or other non MS supported HDDs and I thought that was one of the things you wanted people to be able to do... I believe this is an error / mistake in your tutorial? Jeff"

I didn't realize Text Mode had to be selected. I thought it was for an actual text mode for advanced users to select the drive manually, as they would by pressing F6. My bad. Thanks for pointing it out. I will re-shoot and re-edit and then re-render and re-upload the video to YouTube and then delete the old one. In fact, to keep all the videos in order on my YouTube page, I'll have to delete the series and re-post it so that it stays in the right order. As a result, as of the links I sent previously won't work after I do this and, when I'm done, I'll have new permanant links for you.

Also, would any representative of be interested in joining me on nationwide radio to talk a bit about what DriverPacks are and who should use them and why? All interviews are done over the telephone and the show airs LIVE from 7p-9p Pacific Time, 10p-12a Eastern.

Let me know!

Carey Holzman

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I will do it if Wim Leers (Project developer, Site owner, and original concept... Our illustrious leader!) does not have time, or if he would just like me to do so. mr_smartepants (Erik) may also be interested, again if Wim is too busy or differs to the team.

Wim is in Belgium, and Erik is stationed (USAF) in England, (Both are about 5 hours ahead of us) so your live show would be very early in the AM for them (3AM-5AM). Since I am located in Cincinnati I'm probably the most logical / likely choice. We will see what Wim thinks is best!

I'll move the post / thread to this forum so you may edit it!

Thanks for your awesome contribution to our project sir!!

Jeff Herre

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OK! We discussed it... Wim Leers did in fact differ to me.

He pointed out that an international call or skype could be "flaky" and may not result in the best quality for broadcast. He also reminded me that English is not his first language. Since most / all of our communication is in written form I sometimes forget that he is multilingual and that English is just one of his many Tertiary languages wink. Since my primary language is US English and I'm located in the US that might make things smoother and easier wink.

The entire team is very excited about video tutorial featuring our project, and your gracious offer to interview us!

Please contact me to make arrangements! I'll shoot you an email so you have all my contact info!

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Dear friends,

First of all: many thanks for your great work.
Wim Leers, Overflow, c.s. This site is marvelous.

Jeff, your video's are very very helpful!
You used Nlite + DriverPacks DPs_Base.exe + NLite again. That is interesting, because another FAQ subject warns us to use NLITe after DriverPacks Base

I'm not sure if this is the right place for a question, but I would like to know more about DPs_Base.exe in combination with NLite.

Obviously, we can't use NLite to add drivers after using DPs_Base.exe.
Apparently, NLite can be used to make iso after using DPs_Base.exe.

I would like to know: which are the correct settings for NLite, to make the iso after using DPs_Base.exe, without spoiling the previous work?
The suggestion 'keep NLite open' seems not feasible; in the version, if the user has selected and accomplished a range of tasks, the 'Finish' button closes the application.

Thanks for your time and effort,
kind regards

Re: Step-by-Step video tutorial posted

Please check our tutorial .. all of your questions are answered there. Link in my signature big_smile.

Carey Holzman made the video(s), not me. Yes they are very very helpful... Thanks again Carey!

Any settings you like are the correct settings for nLite... you can also use RVM Integrator or HFSlip
Never make changes with nLite (or by any other means) after you add DriverPacks.
Yes you can leave nLite open (be sure you select make ISO as a "task selection"). Proceed through all your customizations, just make sure you don't hit the "Make ISO" button on the "bootable ISO" page. Run DriverPacks BASE. After DriverPacks is done then return to nLIte hit the make ISO button and then next and finish.

Have a great day and welcome to DriverPacks.

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