Topic: S.A.D. Installation Screenshot

I test the the S.A.D. Please take a look.

I don't have a bluetooth hardware but after the driverpack's drive finisher installation the Toshiba Bluetooth driver is installed.

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Re: S.A.D. Installation Screenshot

Well number one the DP_Install_Tool.cmd has been modified by someone...
IE There are no errors like "Ho. is not recognized" in the main window with an unmodified DP_Install_Tool.cmd 
It is REALLY hard to help if you don't tell us what you did tongue.

number two you failed to read "read BEFORE you post"...
Otherwise you would have included your
DPs_BASE.log and
DPsFnshr.log and
HWIDs and
provided a description of what you did and
told us which version of the BT DriverPacks you used. 

From Read BEFORE you post rule #6: 
"6. Tell us what you did - Could we try to reproduce your issue ourselves just based on your first post?"

We look forward to assisting you, but you must first help us to help you.

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Re: S.A.D. Installation Screenshot

Don't include the bluetooth Third Party DriverPack!
The current version is beta and has known problems.
For a short-term solution, remove the bluetooth Third Party DriverPack .ini from the pack.

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Re: S.A.D. Installation Screenshot

Thank you for the response
@Overflow: Sorry I forgot to read the it.

I reinstall without third party packs, and found no errors like the one above.