Topic: Data center maintenance Sep 2, 2010

On Sep 2, between 18:00 GMT+1 and 20:00 GMT+1, the data center is going to move the server our managed VPS is hosted on to a different rack. This is going to result in 15—30 minutes of down time.

Thanks for your understanding!

EDIT: The maintenance has been completed without any issues!

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Re: Data center maintenance Sep 2, 2010


I found out this site yesterday and I tried to download all Driver Packs for XP and got problem while downloading one of them. While I managed to download all else,

DriverPack Sound B 10.06 for Windows 2000/XP/2003 (x86)

always break download at 69%. I tried download again today since I saw that there was some maintenance but no luck. could you please check is there a problem somewhere about that download?

I am writing here since nothing same was reported on forum, which makes me think that it has something with this recent maintenance.

Thank you

Re: Data center maintenance Sep 2, 2010

this same issue IS posted in several places...
IN fact it is stickied in both "feedback and support" and in "site and forum issues" (which are the obvious places to look) and a few other places...
- our search feature works too wink -

here is the meat of it

We use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) which automagically mirrors for us, and and auto-selects the closest / fastest server / mirror for you.

It is my guess that the problems are isolated to one (or a few) server clusters.

We have millions of downloads successful. I assume one post represents thousands or tens of thousands of users. That being true we have a small percentage of failures.

Please include your IP or Geographic region so we can lean on simple CDN.

Those of you needing an alternate download location:

The problem is isolated to certain servers, each providing service to a local region.
The workaround is then obvious.

Use a proxy that is not in your geographic region. you can Google for open proxies.
By using a proxy that is not close to you it will fool the CDN to supply the content from another server. (the CDN will think you are close to a different server cluster) Simple.

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Re: Data center maintenance Sep 2, 2010

For writing in wrong place, sorry mine bad.

For giving idea of how to download this thing, thank you.