Re: Corrupted/Incomplete downloads

I'm having the same issue as are 5 of my co workers

I'm going to documents my way to make images but I can't without the sound drivers, they fail to download after 40mb or so

I have the old version on my NAS but I want to do my method with the newest drivers

It would be nice to have a mirror or something

I have the old version I can send to someone if they want.

Re: Corrupted/Incomplete downloads


Use a proxy that is not close to your location and you will recieve the content from a different "mirror"

Simple CDN has hundreds of "mirrors", but they don't have a feature to allow someone to manually choose one of them from a list. The selection is automated based on your location. by useing a proxy that is not close to you (IE  it will cause the CDN to select a different "mirror".

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Re: Corrupted/Incomplete downloads

New CDN now, that should fix it.

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