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Can the Monitor Drivers from the Windows XP Monitor Driver Pack be added to Windows 7 they should be the same as they are only information rather than a driver ?

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Correct, I have a old samsung monitor and the XP driver is the latest one and it works perfect for both x86 & x64 Windows 7

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Samsung Monitors are Awesome! the repair shop i worked in in the 90's was an authorized repair center for Samsung... until they started the drop-ship warranty replacement policy. It was the best thing ever... We'd report a serial number and the new monitor would show up with a return shipping label. Just put the old broken unit in the box the new unit just arrived in and hand it back to the UPS guy... Awesome... that is how service should be everywhere!

Excellent news that NT6 will accept NT5 monitor drivers

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There seem to be many xp drivers that do work (well?) with w7.  Some w7 drivers work with xp.  (except NDIS5 & 6.1 (w)LAN drivers - no interchange)
The installers usually choke on the concept, though.  The key seems to be in the "inf", & whether the HW can be manually installed.

I've seen an inordinate amount of Samsung LCD's from the mid-to-late 2000's with capacitor plague.
One still under warranty, yet abandoned.  Most that I've seen do NOT have samsung lcd panels installed, though.

Please don't think that i'm a samsung hater, though.  I've working with a self-refurbished 23" panel for 5 months now.  (freebie for cost of gas). big_smile
I don't recall which mfg. made the panel, yet it may have been chimei (now innolux) or AUO(Acer).

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A year and a half later...not a hiccough!  Samsmug monitor still kickin'! big_smile

  CCFL-based panels are MTBF'ed @ 50000hrs on average; the internal power supply, not nearly so much.
LED-based panels seem to hold rated brightness for not more than 14000 hrs (from datasheets)!
  I cannot imagine that the LED's power-supply would have been production-engineered for an MTBF any more than that, likely less.

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