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I created an installation disc as described in … d21cde0c6/ using $ OEM $ Distribution Folders and I want to adjust the installation disc drivers of several different computers. So I took off with all packages DriverPacks drivers.

Is there a way to integrate all the drivers manually grout installation without using the software?
Maybe I do not want to change the folder structure. But only to add only winnit.sif file paths.
Only problem is that downloaded files there are many sub-folders. They exceed the permitted number of characters.
Is it possible to unite all these sub folders with only one Kiki?

I do not remember where I read? I can attach only the files that are included Abaktiguriia [SourceDisksFiles] omit the rest. My question. Can I put all files in one? Or should I keep the sub folders?

Sorry for the mistakes.
Translated by Google.

Thanks respondents.

Re: [Question] Drivers Union

If what you wanted was possible then we would not have provided you with DriverPacks BASE... Why would we bother?

If there was an easy way to do it then we would not be the only ones to offer an app to add them to your installation media.

Use DriverPacks BASE to add the DriverPacks... that is why it is provided.
It's simple and has a proven track record. Seven years and millions and millions of installs.

Have a great day.

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Re: [Question] Drivers Union

Thank you.
See the problem I get with the program.
I wish there was a version translated into Hebrew.