Topic: DriverPacks Third Party Downloads Link

DriverPacks Third Party Downloads Link

MD5: C5A7668B0D9275E5E0FA09AA740B269E
SHA1: B20A9164452EBBBA2DEE116E8898AD99A455AF22
CRC32: C5D81940 … 2_10051.7z

MD5: 18B92D63C58F03F1CA27EA3A1F5E88BB
SHA1: C8A39E57E272B79A3015E2772AD5AFD4301CEA0F
CRC32: C79B159F … 2_10052.7z

MD5: B7CC21F8CC742236E9C42B8583ADEDD9
SHA1: 4BBFF539A87AF12201F8758C85960B41A0FFF884
CRC32: 59C14405 … 32_1005.7z

MD5: 4F9C247579CB5B8A298120BD577CD6D3
SHA1: DDA5A70A9CEC8E2C473B764CF38404163E0F9B23
CRC32: 708187E7 … 2_10051.7z

MD5: 5D2BDB94BDA9EE180406727B13200775
SHA1: 685F0597CB6F2195B2547940151875CCBE34CF84
CRC32: 6F6918FA … 32_1006.7z

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Re: DriverPacks Third Party Downloads Link

Did you update these?

if you did can you please supply changelogs?
(what did you do?)

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Re: DriverPacks Third Party Downloads Link

other question...
Why in translations team forum?