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file "English.lng"
With the old version, for [wnt5_x86-32_disc__GUI], there was no line "settings_dps_04".

With tne version 10.06, you add "settings_dps_04            = "DriverPack MassStorage text mode - Update 'F6' drivers".
and there is an error with french language because in the file "French.lng", there is no translation.

i suggest : "DriverPack MassStorage - Pilotes en mode texte 'F6'"

thank you

Re: French language

I don't update the other language packs, but we do have a forum for that here...

I'll make the proper request in that forum.

thanks for pointing out that i forgot to inform them that there was an update.
I will ask the team to update their languages!

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thanks for helping to make DriverPacks BASE better for everyone!

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