Topic: Network card HP NC7760 on COMPAQ ML350 G3 - Not reconigzed


I'm new on this forum and i need some help.

I'm trying to work with BartPE and DriverPacks.

I have no problems with DriverPacks integration.

I have an network card HP NC7760 Gigabit Server Adapter Device ID:PCI\VEN_14E4&DEV_16A6&SUBSYS_00BB0E11&REV_02\3&267A616A&0&20, on Windows 2003 server, with "q57xp32.sys".

With BartPe, this card is shown (in "Device manager clone") as "BCM 5703 Gigabit Ethernet" and need "b57xp32.sys" when i try to update driver manually.

My problem seems to be like as

I have tried, without success RIS driver.

Can someone help me ?

Thanks for your help.

Re: Network card HP NC7760 on COMPAQ ML350 G3 - Not reconigzed

Welcome to DriverPacks, Excellent first post! Good details and you used search... wow!

You should probably have just added your post in this related thread.
I'm going to cut and paste that post into the other thread and then link back to here for you

Please read through that and see if you have anything to add big_smile.

Have an awesome day!


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