Topic: DriverPacks and WDS

There really isn't a good place to ask about this.
But have people been using DriverPacks with Windows Deployment Services
As of right now, i just injected my boot images with the lan drivers i actually need, but it would be nice to inject all drivers smile
Then the next thing in line would be added the drivers into the driver portion of WDS server 2008 R2
Obviously WDS handles drivers great, I can't see why we couldn't have packs that cover most of the hardware.

Re: DriverPacks and WDS

DISM all by itself works great for this, but...
If you use MDT (Microsoft Deployment Toolkit) it is all very seamless. I have been playing with it!
It's a really nice front end / GUI for all the WAIK tools and is specifically designed for simplifying WDS... wink
Although you don't have to use it with a deployment server it is tailored for making WDS easy as possible for admins.
If you download MDT first it will allow you to download and install WAIK right from the GUI big_smile.
It's pretty strong! Check it out.

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