Topic: [Question] INTEGRITY CONCERNS - How safe are these drivers ?

Hello Happy DriverPackers,

I did not find an FAQ answer to this question, regarding integrity:  How safe are these drivers ?

Is there a way I can make sure they are genuine drivers, and not forged ones?


-- Piko

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Re: [Question] INTEGRITY CONCERNS - How safe are these drivers ?

We have been doing this since 2004... Do you see any posts about bad drivers wink.
We work VERY hard to provide the most stable drivers available and to also keep them current.
We only add drivers DIRECTLY from Chipset sources like Nvida, Realtek, Intel and ATI.
We also include drivers DIRECTLY from reputable OEMs like Dell and HP, and only when absolutely necessary.
We NEVER include drivers from third party's precisely for safety reasons...
They could not be any safer if you got them from your mom wink.

Yes you can check the validity of a driver for yourself;
Included in Win XP there is a tool called 'sigverif.exe'. You can run that tool and check the signing of any driver...
If the signature is valid then the files have not been modified and are genuine. (modifying any of a drivers files will break signing)

So... You don't have to take our word for it you can see for yourself!

It's a Good [Question]. I Stickied it and updated your title.
Perhaps worthy of a FAQ, we'll see if one of our Mods agrees an moves it there!

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