Re: DP Base [all versions] and the XP 'Repair' Option

To do what you want, you need multiple sif's, multiple setup bin's and a multi-boot cd.... I have posted on how to do this, and files to do it before..... If needed, I can upload what I use for the multi-boot options with instructions.

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Re: DP Base [all versions] and the XP 'Repair' Option

Hello everyone!

I need a help!

    The DP BASE 8.12.5 not doing the integration of the drivers on my custom DVD of Win XP SP3.

At the time of integration of the software drivers seem to get it right but when the installation ends, it seems that the CD used was a cd of common network installation of Windows XP without any driver library!

    I'm having this problem a few months and failing to solve it.

    When used earlier versions of DP BASE, all worked fine!

    But after this latest version, I can no longer make the integrations more.

I am using the following files in DP BASE:

folder DriverPack:

3rd party DriverPacks folder:


I'm sorry for spelling errors.
It's because I do not speak English, and I am using a
translator to the text.

Can anyone help me?

Re: DP Base [all versions] and the XP 'Repair' Option … 348#p33348

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Re: DP Base [all versions] and the XP 'Repair' Option

teckinfobh wrote:

Hello everyone!

I need a help!

Can anyone help me?

i read this … 348#p33348..

But if you make one dvd again,
And it did not work.

Try without DP_Modem_wnt5_x86-32_90831

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Re: DP Base [all versions] and the XP 'Repair' Option

OverFlow wrote:

I have not repaired a Windows OS in years - the result is just a disaster.

Yes, thats right..... but I think if at least I have format option that would be great.....

Re: DP Base [all versions] and the XP 'Repair' Option

and several solutions were offered...

either delete Winnt.sif or delete the entire [Unattended] section from Winnt.sif... so i guess it's "great" already wink

You will have to make these changes manualy, since they are required for unattended installation. (supported)
be advised that many of the DriverPacks drivers will stop with a dialog and require user input during install or repair if you do this.
It's now an attended install - attended installs (like a repair) are unsupported, but should work as long as you sit there and click through the popups. wink

It is an Either / OR choice. One or the Other you can't have both. Although you can create a multiboot disc.
the easiest thing to do is just to keep a clean OEM disc just for repairs wink
and a separate disc with DriverPacks for installs.

Please note that a DriverPacks slipstreamed disc can be used as Stand Alone Driver (SAD).
So after a repair you could run DP_Inst_Tool.cmd from a DriverPacks slipstreamed source to update the local drivers.
or you could jsut put a SAD folder on your repair disc (or multi boot disc).

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a) If the Unattended section exists in WinNT.sif then the repair option is not presented (Repair is an Attended feature)
b) If the Unattended section entries are missing then XP setup will pause for input with certain hardware / DriverPacks driver combinations but you will then be able to select the repair option big_smile.

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