Topic: Integrate DriverPacks into a XP upgrade network share

I was wondering if it is possible, or a good idea to integrate the DriverPacks into a Windows XP Distribution network share.
I've encountered on numerous occasions when I upgrade a Windows 2000 machine to Windows XP using a network share (Setup through SetupMgr) that after the upgrade the machine is missing drivers (e.g. the NIC).
So, I've tried slipstreaming the drivers into a XP SP3 cd so I could install XP SP3 on my PC with RAID 0, but every time after the setup finished and tried loading the desktop it would BSoD with some c21a error or something similar.

So, I have a server share \\USSRV01\winxpupgr and  I run the .cmd file loading the winnt32.exe and unattended files/settings. Everything goes well except it is usually missing some drivers, almost always the NIC, and I can no longer work on it through VNC or RDP.

So, I'm just wondering if I could just integrate them into the network share like I do the CD (which didn't work to well, I had to use nLite hmm )

Re: Integrate DriverPacks into a XP upgrade network share

DriverPacks does not support network isntalls or any install taht is winnt32.exe based...

use AutoImage by RogueSpear to integrate DriverPacks into a network (RIS) installation

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Re: Integrate DriverPacks into a XP upgrade network share

i prefer XP. i think it was Microsofts best.