Topic: what's needed for Intel G31 -> Q33 or G45 deployment

What kind of things do I need to do if I want to deploy an Intel G31 based image to a newer hardware? Actually, I have a stable and proven image on Dell Optiplex 360MT, but now where I live there is a big delay in ordering the same machines, so we might need to look for an other hardware. An option is to buy HP machines, for example dc5800 or dx7500 with Intel Q33 or G45 chipset. What do I need to do to use the image on the other computers?

The SATA is in IDE mode on the original hardware, but it might not be on the new one. It might have different sound card or different network card, and the chipset of course. I don't know if it's better to use the premade driverpacks, or to download and prepare the driver myself. Is it possible to do that with OffilineSysPrep?

Re: what's needed for Intel G31 -> Q33 or G45 deployment

Offline SysPrep is an outstanding place to start!

Please read some of the recently updated threads in the Universal Imaging forum...
responding to an existing thread thread there with related questions will help you to get answers since some of our many SysPrep Gurus are subscribed to the existing threads wink. This will have the additional benefit of putting you much further up on the learning curve by familiarizing you with known issues and workarounds.

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