Topic: [REQ] SoundMAX Integrated Digital HD Audio (L1882)

The following strings could be added to SMAF/ADIHdAud.inf (DP_Sound_B_wnt5_x86-32_90701) to support the onboard sound on Lenovo M58p 9664-A1F. They are taken from : … MIGR-72501

%HdAudioFunctionDriver.ADICodec.DeviceDesc% = L1882,    HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_11D4&DEV_1882&SUBSYS_17AA3048

DelReg=HdAud.DelReg, DriverInfo.DelReg
CopyFiles = HdAudModel.CopyList, Core.CopyList, CRLDS3D.CopyList, Audio3d.CopyList
AddReg    = HdAudModel.AddReg, CmplxDev.AddReg, L1882.AddReg, HdAudBranding.AddReg, DriverInfo.AddReg

AddService=ADIHdAudAddService, 0x00000002, HdAud_Service_Install
AddService=SenFiltService, 0x00000000, SenFilt_Service_Install		;; SENFILT
AddService=AEAudio,0x00000000, AEAudio_Service_Install		;; AEAUDIO

AddReg          = Coinst.AddReg
CopyFiles       = Coinst.CopyFiles

AddReg = HdAudSecurity.AddReg, Filter.AddReg

HKR,InitVerbs,NumVerbs,0x00010001, 0x00000023 ; Example: Number of verbs in the init section
HKR,InitVerbs,0000, 0x00010001, 0x00154DFD ; Set Coefficient Index to Register 0DFDh
HKR,InitVerbs,0001, 0x00010001, 0x00146100 ; Set Register 0DFDh to 6100
HKR,InitVerbs,0002, 0x00010001, 0x00150DFD ; Sets Coefficient Index 0DFD
HKR,InitVerbs,0003, 0x00010001, 0x00140801 ; Sets 0DFDh Coefficent to 0801
HKR,InitVerbs,0004, 0x00010001, 0x001571FE ; Sets Coefficient Index 71FE
HKR,InitVerbs,0005, 0x00010001, 0x00140A00 ; Sets 71FEh Coefficent to 0A00
HKR,InitVerbs,0006, 0x00010001, 0x02F70500 ; Sets BIAS POWER Down Disable
HKR,InitVerbs,0007, 0x00010001, 0x02370500 ; Sets VREF POWER Down Disable
HKR,InitVerbs,0008, 0x00010001, 0x01270500 ; Sets PortD POWER Down Disable
HKR,InitVerbs,0009, 0x00010001, 0x01570500 ; Sets PortC POWER Down Disable
HKR,InitVerbs,0010, 0x00010001, 0x01570722 ; Sets PORT-C (NODE:15) LINEIN INPUT VREF 0% 0volts
HKR,InitVerbs,0011, 0x00010001, 0x01770722 ; Sets Port-E (NODE:17) Rear Mic Input VREF 0% 0volts
HKR,InitVerbs,0012, 0x00010001, 0x01470722 ; Sets Port-B (NODE:14) Front Mic Input VREF 0% 0volts
HKR,InitVerbs,0013, 0x00010001, 0x01170742 ; Sets Port-A (NODE:11) Headphone OUTPUT VREF 0% 0volts
HKR,InitVerbs,0014, 0x00010001, 0x01270742 ; Sets Port-D (NODE:12) LINEOUT OUTPUT VREF 0% 0volts
HKR,InitVerbs,0015, 0x00010001, 0x00C3B027 ; Sets ADC_0 (NODE:0C) 0db unmute
HKR,InitVerbs,0016, 0x00010001, 0x0033B025 ; Sets DAC_0 (NODE:03) HP -3 db unmute
HKR,InitVerbs,0017, 0x00010001, 0x0043B025 ; Sets DAC_1 (NODE:04) FRONT -3 db unmute
HKR,InitVerbs,0018, 0x00010001, 0x0053B025 ; Sets DAC_2 (NODE:05) CLFE -3 db unmute
HKR,InitVerbs,0019, 0x00010001, 0x0063B025 ; Sets DAC_3 (NODE:06) SURR BACK -3 db unmute
HKR,InitVerbs,0020, 0x00010001, 0x0113B000 ; Sets Port-A (NODE:11) Headphone Pin unmute
HKR,InitVerbs,0021, 0x00010001, 0x0123B000 ; Sets Port-D (NODE:12) Line Out Pin unmute
HKR,InitVerbs,0022, 0x00010001, 0x01B3B023 ; Sets SPDIF OUT Pin (NODE:1B) to -6db unmute
HKR,InitVerbs,0023, 0x00010001, 0x0213B01F ; Sets ANALOG MIX (NODE:21) 0db Unmute
HKR,InitVerbs,0024, 0x00010001, 0x02037117 ; Sets Analog mixer (NODE:20) - LINEIN 0db unmute
HKR,InitVerbs,0025, 0x00010001, 0x02037617 ; Sets Analog mixer (NODE:20) - CD IN 0db unmute
HKR,InitVerbs,0026, 0x00010001, 0x00C70104 ; Sets ADC_0 Selector (NODE:0C) to Rear Mic (PORT-E)
HKR,InitVerbs,0027, 0x00010001, 0x02037717 ; Sets Analog mixer (NODE:20) PCBEEP IN 0db unmute
HKR,InitVerbs,0028, 0x00010001, 0x0393B002 ; Sets FMIC BOOST to 20db
HKR,InitVerbs,0029, 0x00010001, 0x03C3B002 ; Sets RMIC BOOST to 20db
HKR,InitVerbs,0030, 0x00010001, 0x0133B01B ; Sets Mono out -6db unmute
HKR,InitVerbs,0031, 0x00010001, 0x01371C1E ; Set Mono out Default Association and Sequence to 1E
HKR,InitVerbs,0032, 0x00010001, 0x01171C1F ; Set HP Default Association and Sequence to 1F
HKR,InitVerbs,0033, 0x00010001, 0x03670101 ; Set Mono out selector to DAC1
HKR,InitVerbs,0034, 0x00010001, 0x01371F91 ; Set Mono out Port Connectivity and Location to 91

HKR,RemVerbs,NumVerbs,0x00010001, 0x00000001 ; Example: Number of verbs in the Rem section
HKR,RemVerbs,0000, 0x00010001, 0x01371CF0

HKR,AD1882,FPMicEnable, 0x00010001, 0x600000FF ; Automatic FP MIC selection (no mixer checkbox, RMIC is default)
HKR,AD1882,PINShare, 0x00010001, 0x00020100 ; Enable 3 jack feature where 1 is support rear surr on PORT C and 2 is support C/LFE on Port E
HKR,AD1882,PortA_FCSupport, 0x00010001, 0x00001000 ; Change supported function codes to headphone
HKR,AD1882,PortB_FCSupport, 0x00010001, 0x00000040 ; Change supported function codes to FP mic
HKR,AD1882,PortC_FCSupport, 0x00010001, 0x00000082 ; Change supported function codes to Rear Surr and LineIn
HKR,AD1882,PortD_FCSupport, 0x00010001, 0x00000001 ; Change supported function codes to Front (line out)
HKR,AD1882,PortE_FCSupport, 0x00010001, 0x00000024 ; Change supported function codes to C/LFE and Rear mic
HKR,AD1882,Cmplx, 1, 01 ; AD1988 is Complex only
HKR,AD1882,DisableRetask, 1, 01 ; 01 = JackShare-mode for No-ESP(Flat/M) Package, 00 = Normal Retasking Mode(Default)
HKR,AD1882,PortMicBias,0x00010001, 0xFFF1FF1F ; Set MIC Port BIAS values (Port B, E)
HKR,AD1882,MicBoostValue, 0x00010001, 0x00000020 ; 20 = 0db (off) +20db (on)
HKR,AD1882,MicR, 1, 2C ; 2C = 4.5db default Mic Record Value
HKR,AD1882,LinR, 1, 2F ; 2F = 12db default Line in Record Value
HKR,AD1882,MicRMax,0x00010001, 0x000D8000 ; Set MIC Max Level 13.5db
HKR,AD1882,LinRMax,0x00010001, 0x000D8000 ; Set Line In Max Level 13.5db
HKR,AD1882,DesTopo, 1, 01 ; Enable Discrete topology for W2K playback.
HKR,AD1882,EnableMicOnPresence, 1, 00 ; Enable Idle Mic Ports
HKR,AD1882,SPDIFWithMaster, 1, 01 ; Combined SPDIF control tracking Master
HKR,AD1882,FrontShutsOffInternalSpeaker,1,01; Enable LO muting of internal speaker
HKR,AD1882,MonoWithMaster, 1, 01 ; Associate Mono volume with front master volume.
HKR,AD1882,LineOutStereoMixRecord, 1, 01 ; Default 0 disable it
HKR,AD1882\\Disable, "PCBV", 1, 01
HKR,GlobalSettings,StereoMic, 1, 01, 00, 00, 00 ; Radio Node Enabled
HKR,GlobalSettings,MagicNumber,1,00,00,00,60 ;; AEAUDIO
HKR,GlobalSettings, VrefLatency, 1, E8, 03, 00, 00 ; MicBiasDelay latency 1 seconds
HKR,GlobalSettings, MuteSplitEnab, 1, 00, 00, 00, 00 ; MuteSplit Disable
HKR,GlobalSettings,DisableTimerResolution,1,01; ExSetTimerResolution Disable.
HKR,GlobalSettings,SensPresent,1,00 ; 01 = Sensaura filter driver present. 0 = not present
HKR,AD1882, DAC0, 0x00010001, 0x000e0160 ; 16/24bit, support 44k/48k/96k
HKR,AD1882, DAC1, 0x00010001, 0x000e0160 ; 16/24bit, support 44k/48k/96k
HKR,AD1882, DAC2, 0x00010001, 0x000e0160 ; 16/24bit, support 44k/48k/96k
HKR,AD1882, ADC0, 0x00010001, 0x000e0160 ; 16/24bit, support 44k/48k/96k
HKR,AD1882, ADC1, 0x00010001, 0x000e0160 ; 16/24bit, support 44k/48k/96k
HKR,AD1882,DigitalOut0, 0x00010001, 0x000e0160 ; 16/24bit, support 44k/48k/96k

AddInterface=%KSCATEGORY_AUDIO%,%KSNAME_RearLineOutWave%, HdAudModel.RearLineOutWave
AddInterface=%KSCATEGORY_RENDER%,%KSNAME_RearLineOutWave%, HdAudModel.RearLineOutWave
AddInterface=%KSCATEGORY_AUDIO%,%KSNAME_RearLineOutTopo%, HdAudModel.RearLineOutTopo
AddInterface=%KSCATEGORY_TOPOLOGY%,%KSNAME_RearLineOutTopo%, HdAudModel.RearLineOutTopo

AddInterface=%KSCATEGORY_AUDIO%,%KSNAME_RearLineInWave%, HdAudModel.RearLineInWave
AddInterface=%KSCATEGORY_CAPTURE%,%KSNAME_RearLineInWave%, HdAudModel.RearLineInWave
AddInterface=%KSCATEGORY_AUDIO%,%KSNAME_RearLineInTopo%, HdAudModel.RearLineInTopo
AddInterface=%KSCATEGORY_TOPOLOGY%,%KSNAME_RearLineInTopo%, HdAudModel.RearLineInTopo

AddInterface=%KSCATEGORY_AUDIO%,%KSNAME_FrontPanelHeadphoneWave%, HdAudModel.FrontPanelHeadphoneWave
AddInterface=%KSCATEGORY_RENDER%,%KSNAME_FrontPanelHeadphoneWave%, HdAudModel.FrontPanelHeadphoneWave
AddInterface=%KSCATEGORY_AUDIO%,%KSNAME_FrontPanelHeadphoneTopo%, HdAudModel.FrontPanelHeadphoneTopo
AddInterface=%KSCATEGORY_TOPOLOGY%,%KSNAME_FrontPanelHeadphoneTopo%, HdAudModel.FrontPanelHeadphoneTopo

AddInterface=%KSCATEGORY_AUDIO%,%KSNAME_FrontPanelMicWave%, HdAudModel.FrontPanelMicWave
AddInterface=%KSCATEGORY_CAPTURE%,%KSNAME_FrontPanelMicWave%, HdAudModel.FrontPanelMicWave
AddInterface=%KSCATEGORY_AUDIO%,%KSNAME_FrontPanelMicTopo%, HdAudModel.FrontPanelMicTopo
AddInterface=%KSCATEGORY_TOPOLOGY%,%KSNAME_FrontPanelMicTopo%, HdAudModel.FrontPanelMicTopo

AddInterface=%KSCATEGORY_AUDIO%,%KSNAME_DigitalOutputWave%, HdAudModel.DigitalOutputWave
AddInterface=%KSCATEGORY_RENDER%,%KSNAME_DigitalOutputWave%, HdAudModel.DigitalOutputWave
AddInterface=%KSCATEGORY_AUDIO%,%KSNAME_DigitalOutputTopo%, HdAudModel.DigitalOutputTopo
AddInterface=%KSCATEGORY_TOPOLOGY%,%KSNAME_DigitalOutputTopo%, HdAudModel.DigitalOutputTopo

AddInterface=%KSCATEGORY_AUDIO%,%KSNAME_DigitalInputWave%, HdAudModel.DigitalInputWave
AddInterface=%KSCATEGORY_CAPTURE%,%KSNAME_DigitalInputWave%, HdAudModel.DigitalInputWave
AddInterface=%KSCATEGORY_AUDIO%,%KSNAME_DigitalInputTopo%, HdAudModel.DigitalInputTopo
AddInterface=%KSCATEGORY_TOPOLOGY%,%KSNAME_DigitalInputTopo%, HdAudModel.DigitalInputTopo

AddInterface=%KSCATEGORY_AUDIO%,%KSNAME_MicArrayWave%, HdAudModel.MicArrayWave
AddInterface=%KSCATEGORY_CAPTURE%,%KSNAME_MicArrayWave%, HdAudModel.MicArrayWave
AddInterface=%KSCATEGORY_AUDIO%,%KSNAME_MicArrayTopo%, HdAudModel.MicArrayTopo
AddInterface=%KSCATEGORY_TOPOLOGY%,%KSNAME_MicArrayTopo%, HdAudModel.MicArrayTopo

AddInterface=%KSCATEGORY_AUDIO%,%KSNAME_AuxInWave%, HdAudModel.AuxInWave
AddInterface=%KSCATEGORY_CAPTURE%,%KSNAME_AuxInWave%, HdAudModel.AuxInWave
AddInterface=%KSCATEGORY_AUDIO%,%KSNAME_AuxInTopo%, HdAudModel.AuxInTopo
AddInterface=%KSCATEGORY_TOPOLOGY%,%KSNAME_AuxInTopo%, HdAudModel.AuxInTopo

AddInterface=%KSCATEGORY_AUDIO%,%KSNAME_CmplxWave%, HdAudModel.CmplxWave
AddInterface=%KSCATEGORY_RENDER%,%KSNAME_CmplxWave%, HdAudModel.CmplxWave
AddInterface=%KSCATEGORY_CAPTURE%,%KSNAME_CmplxWave%, HdAudModel.CmplxWave
AddInterface=%KSCATEGORY_AUDIO%,%KSNAME_CmplxTopo%, HdAudModel.CmplxTopo
AddInterface=%KSCATEGORY_TOPOLOGY%,%KSNAME_CmplxTopo%, HdAudModel.CmplxTopo

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Re: [REQ] SoundMAX Integrated Digital HD Audio (L1882)

The driver will be added, but i am going to wait one day or two if there is a new request or a problem, then i will update the post.

Re: [REQ] SoundMAX Integrated Digital HD Audio (L1882)

We have detected a sneaker I tell you! tongue big_smile

Careful with the nightlies they are for testing only and will very likely have issues wink
If they were solid then they would have been released big_smile You have been advised / warned!

Thanks for testing and reporting it makes DriverPacks better for everyone!

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Re: [REQ] SoundMAX Integrated Digital HD Audio (L1882)

Yeah, I'm aware the nightly releases are for testing purposes. That's exactly what I use them for, but most of the time I don't find any issues so I use them anyway. It's also very practical simply because of the fact that stable DP releases don't come very often. So thanks for making them available, and keep up the great work!