Topic: [SOLVED] 3rd party driver packs organization


I've been browsing the 3rd party drivers forum today and I've realized several releases for the same thing like modems, blue tooth ...etc

Please I'd like to suggest organizing these backs to avoid conflicts smile

Re: [SOLVED] 3rd party driver packs organization

there should be a master list maitained by our resident 3rd party DriverPack master Twig123...


the 3rd party DriverPack is YOUR forum you can help clean it up too smile tongue big_smile

Glad to see you active on the board it seems you are one of our silent veterans wink


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Re: [SOLVED] 3rd party driver packs organization

Thanks for replying ... Yeah I used to be so since a long while but you know life gets more and more busy.

I will do my best to help any one needs my help, as bashrate the sneaky is a very helpful guy.