Topic: No mouse keyboard when Mass Storage drivers are installed with BartPe

Hi Everyone,

I've been trying to get back into my computer after it crashed the other day. So i went to do a repair using xp Cd, only it couldnt finish because ive lost the product key. So ive been trying to get back in using BartPE in order to get the key. I manged to successfully get BartPE up an running with the keyboard and mouse working however it would'nt recognise my C drive (2 120gb Sata drives set up in striping mode which i think is 0 not sure though might need to correct me on that). So in looking at some websites it was suggested to include DriverPacks' mass storage drivers into BartPE so that it would recognise my drives. I done that only now when BartPE  starts my wireless usb keyboard and mouse do not work. I noticed that as BartPE is starting the lights on the wireless transmiter go out.

Does anyone know what might be happening here?

Re: No mouse keyboard when Mass Storage drivers are installed with BartPe

this issue is well documented. I have seen it in multiple locations at UBCD4win...
(you could just build a UBCD4Win version of BartPE and call it a day tongue

Support here is limited to just the driverpacks -
General support for BartPE needs to be obtained elsewhere.

Since the DriverPacks BASE did create your plugins correctly this is not a " DriverPacks BASE " support issue...

(It may turn out to be an issue with one of the drivers so we will keep an eye on this thread wink)

Moved to  UBCD4Win - BartPE forum.

If at some point in the future you do need support for the DriverPacks or DriverPacks BASE we will be glad to assist.

This however is a PE issue big_smile

We wish you luck and a warm welcome to our forum.

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