Topic: Toshiba Satelite p105 s6227 video error 10

Dont know if anyone can help but any ideas would be appreciated.

   In an attempt to keep this from being long winded, I was playing World of Warcraft and computer froze.  I shut down and rebooted,  Got back into play and 30 seconds later froze again.  I shut down and rebooted again.  This time when i restarted the computer and the windows graphics were terrible.  Pixel rate was down to 900's and icons were over sized.  When I looked into system the intel controller had errors.  I zeroed drive and reloaded drivers to no avail.  I believe the video to the Toshiba p105 s6227 to be intergrated.  I would like to get some idea if this is  a program error or hardware error before i go and dump $400 dollars on new motherboard.  Comp is not under warranty and if anyone has dealt with the Toshiba Service Department , you know right off you continually throw them money and they dont assist you in any way. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Re: Toshiba Satelite p105 s6227 video error 10

Good luck.  I always advise people to avoid Toshiba for just this reason.
Instead of a hardware problem, it sounds like the graphics drivers got corrupted.  You can try booting into safe-mode, then uninstalling the graphics drivers.  Then restart and try to install fresh drivers.
Unless of course you already reinstalled XP, then you really are screwed.

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