Topic: DriverPacks BASE 6.08.2

- 0000143: [translations] German translation updated (Helmi)
- 0000175: [translations] Polish translation updated (jagod)
- 0000178: [translations] Spanish translation updated: 3 small changes (ricktendo64)
- 0000176: [GUI] Multiboot "select the settings files" and multiselection when adding files. (BashratTheSneaky)
- 0000177: [slipstreamer] When 3rd party DriverPacks selected for slipstream, it will also be enabled for KTD (if KTD is set to "select") although not selected (BashratTheSneaky)
- 0000174: [DriverPacks Finisher] CLNP stage: error during cleanup (BashratTheSneaky)
- 0000173: [feature] DriverPacks Finisher: EXEC stage: lack of logging functionality (BashratTheSneaky)
- 0000165: [DriverPacks Finisher] FLTR stage: +infFiles with wildcarded entry, all exceptions after this one not filtered and therefore alle executed (BashratTheSneaky)

Known issues
-Documentation later! Just use it as-is now. It's all pretty self-explanatory...
-ONLY THE GUI IS TRANSLATED. The strings in the slipstreamer are to be followed, the code is already there!
-multibootDisc support is UNTESTED. Please test so I can make the necessary improvements and bugfixes.
-You NEED DriverPack MassStorage 6.08, if you want to use DriverPack MassStorage. Older versions are NOT compatible.
-Beta Testers: download DriverPack MassStorage again, it has been updated.
-nForce 3 LAN not yet working, DriverPack LAN update on the way...
-When you've got a certain Windows XP version (not isolated to a specific one yet), then the original svcpack.inf file is encoded in UCS-2 Little Endian. Whenever you use DriverPack Sound A, KB888111 and KB913425 will be slipstreamed and then svcpack.inf will have to be updated. But Windows fails to convert the original encoding to ANSI, and the result is a CORRUPT svcpack.inf! I'm try to find a decent conversion method.

-Documentation later! Just use it as-is now. It's all pretty self-explanatory...
-The included Italian and Turkish translations are not compatible, they will result in a crash!


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