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Sunday, between 20:00 and 20:30 GMT+1 (Belgium/Netherlands), that is 14:00-15:00 GMT-5 (New York), I'll be moving the main site, the forum and the bugtracker to the new server.

No big problems are expected, a trial run has been made and it's running perfectly there already.

Due to my own stupidity, this has to be postponed. I didn't point the DriverPacks DNS records to the new name servers yet! By doing that now, we can make the move extremely smooth this Sunday.
We had a practice round today, so now I know it can all be done in about 30 minutes smile

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Re: Moving to the new web server on Sunday

Woohoo!  The exodus has begun!
On to the promised land...

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This si my first time here. Hi! I dowmload All DriverPacks I need, as well as Ryanvm Integrator. I follow the direction posted in the tutorial here. Well After I Integrated all driver packs, I try to used Nlite with no sucess, I used a DVD instead of a CD. I copy the Windows XP Home Edition to a folder in my HD and I run Nlite and  I search for the Windows XP installation, but when scanning it shows an error ( an exception error has occur, it says something about usbport.sys etc. bla bla ba!) with no sucess whatsoever. I tried with the RyanMV Integrator too but I run into problem in doing the ISO. Can any has any sugestion oy ideas that can help me I will appreciated. What Im really trying to do is Install Windows XP Home Edition in my Gateway PC. So in oder for me to success in the installation I have to REmake Windows XP with the SatRaid Driver, etc. Please Can some help me? Tahnks!!!

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Re: Moving to the new web server on Sunday

here is a wonderful guide for noobs...

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As stated in the tutorial, you integrate DriverPacks LAST!  If you try to integrate ANYTHING after that (with RVMI, Nlite, etc.) you stand a 90% chance of breaking your source (as you discovered).
Your other option would be to:
1) copy your source dvd to your hdd.
2) run DriverPacks BASE and select NONE DriverPacks (this will effectively remove all traces of DriverPacks from your source)
3) integrate whatever you want.
4) build your ISO and test in VM (VirtualBox is my favorite).  This will ensure the integrity of your source.
5) re-integrate DriverPacks by using DriverPacks BASE.
6) repeat step 4 and TEST in VM.

Re: Moving to the new web server on Sunday

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