Topic: Acpi\pnp0c0d\4&2032fbd8&0

Hello, i'm a newbye of this community. I ha ve a problem with my amilo 1630. Windows installation freeze at 34 minutes left cause can load a driver. I think this is a problem of hardware but i can' t find anywhere what this code means. Can anyone helps me to understand what piece this code means? the code is ACPI\PNP0C0D\4&2032FBD8&0

thanks for all helps cangive to me, and sorry for my english: i know is the worst:(((

Re: Acpi\pnp0c0d\4&2032fbd8&0

You have not provided enough info for us to be able to help.

please review read before you post in my signature.

we need to know which version of base and the packs that you used.
What OS you were installing and SP level.
your DPs_BASE.log is prefered and will include the above info.
any updates you added to your OS, nLite or RVM ect...

Thank you and welcome to DriverPacks

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