Topic: 809 rc1 error

its says with the base drivers "where did you get these from"
when I create the bartcd and run it it's clear there is no USB support

Re: 809 rc1 error

Please tell us more...

use Read before you post in my signature as a reference for providing us good details.

the more you tell the better we can help.

Where did you get this - is a Joke - it means you are useing a test pack wink or what we call a nightly, AKA a beta pack

moved to BartPE forum...

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Re: 809 rc1 error

OK I am not sure what you mean by use Read
I got this copy from the home page of this site.under news?
Is there a copy that works correctly with all the drivers?

Re: 809 rc1 error

He means read the link:


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