Topic: How to use KTD Patterns

I have been doing a bit of experimentation with the KTD Patterns option in the BASE and thought that I would give a few pointers as to what I have found to work for me.

This is the patterns setting that I am using:


1394\  -  Firewire

DOT4PRT\  -  USB Printers.

FlashMedia\  -  I found one driver that uses this.  Most media readers use either PCMCIA or PCI.

HID\  -  PS/2 port based devices.  Mostly keyboards and mice.

LPTENUM\  -  LPT port based devices.

Monitor\  -  CRTs and LCDs.

PCMCIA\  -  As far as I can tell this designation applies to CardBus also.  I don't know how ExpressCard devices will enumerate since ExpressCard is based on PCI-E.

SERENUM\  -  Serial port devices.

USB\ - Self explanatory.

USBPRINT\ - Also for USB printers.[/list]

I should also explain that the trailing backslash is included to prevent false positives.  Specifically I found when I had "1394" without the trailing backslash, that there was a PCI based NIC driver that was flagged because the vendor ID was VEN_1394.  The hardware root always has a backslash, so Bashrat pointed out to me that this would be a good way to eliminate that problem.

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