Topic: [FIXED] German Language Pack - missing BartPE entries

Add this entries at the the end of the german language file:

settings_dps_tree                = "DriverPacksâ„¢"
    settings_dps_title            = "Die zu integrierenden DriverPacks auswählen"
    settings_dps_01                = "DriverPack MassStorage text mode"-Treiber sind erforderlich, wenn von einem Massenspeichersteuergerät,|das standardmäßig nicht unterstützt wird, geladen werden soll."
    settings_dps_02                = "&Alle auswählen"
    settings_dps_03                = "&Keins auswählen"
    settings_dps_desc            = "DISABLED"

overview_tree                    = "Ãœbersicht"
    overview_title                = "Einstellungsübersicht"
    overview_01                    = "Plattform"
    overview_02                    = "vorgegeben"
    overview_03                    = "Angepaßt"
    overview_04                    = "Keine DriverPacks ausgewählt."
    overview_05                    = "Noch nicht angegeben."
    overview_06                    = "Einstellungen &exportieren"
    overview_desc                = "DISABLED"

greetings alfma

Re: [FIXED] German Language Pack - missing BartPE entries

Must have missed them and never noticed because I don't do BartPE wink

Will be added in an instant, thanks for the heads up!

Re: [FIXED] German Language Pack - missing BartPE entries

Has been resolved now:

Hopefully makes it into the next official release smile

Re: [FIXED] German Language Pack - missing BartPE entries

I am sorry... I did not add the language support in my first go... it will be addressed

PS Are there any motivated translators for the other language packs - requests drive my priorities.

Thanks for your feedback... It's what feeds my desire to donate my time.

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