Topic: Translations & Translators: who's doing which language?

- Bulgarian:      chertoianov
- Chinese:        gskening
- Danish:          Anders Hagen Hansen (AndersHH)    [Out of Date]
- Dutch:           Wim Leers, Muiz            
- English:         Wim Leers, Jeff Herre
- Finnish:         Christian                 [not yet submitted]
- French:         maxximum
- German:       Helmi
- Greek:                                [Out of Date]
- Italian:          orei, jinkazama
- Norwegian:    Gyppie                [Out of Date]
- Polish:           dziubek                [Out of Date]
- Portuguese:    gugutz, Sandrion
- Romanian:     Iuli_kyle
- Russian:        mickmack
- Serbian:        TheInstaller            [Out of Date]
- Slovenian:     Amitri                [Out of Date]
- Spanish:        ricktendo64
- Swedish:        Deaaaaaas            [Out of Date]
- Turkish:         KenanBalamir
- Thai:             Wim Leers                [Out of Date]
- Urdu:             jaleelajmal             [not yet submitted]

A big thanks to all the translators!

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Re: Translations & Translators: who's doing which language?

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