Topic: Can I safely remove unused drivers from the DriverPacks?

Sorry if this has been asked, but I didn't find anything in the FAQ or anywhere else in the forums. If there's a post related to this, please let me know the link.

Basically, is it possible to remove all the unneeded drivers from the pack to save space? And if so, are there any special precautions needed to not remove something important? Since every driver is in its own folder, it would seem (to me, anyway) that I could be able to just remove those folders that won't apply to my hardware. So, just wanted to know before I actually try it. Anyone know? The reason I ask is, I'm currently working on an XP build that's going on DVD, and after all my junk, I've *just* enough space left (90-120MB) for the drivers I'll be needing, but not for all the extra drivers in the packs.

Mods: Please consider adding this question to the FAQ. Since most people are making 700MB CD installs, I think it's forseeable more than a few would want to know if/how the packs could be trimmed. smile

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Re: Can I safely remove unused drivers from the DriverPacks?

Sure you can even make your own packs.

Re: Can I safely remove unused drivers from the DriverPacks?

Whew. Excellent! After witnessing the unspeakable coolness of these packs, I was hoping that was the case. Thanks for the reply! I'll give 'em a try now.  Nice job compiling all that stuff, btw.

Re: Can I safely remove unused drivers from the DriverPacks?

Moved to FAQ.

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Re: Can I safely remove unused drivers from the DriverPacks?

If you are going to TRIM  (aka prune) any of the DriverPacks, extract it in a separate folder because later on you have to repack its content along with its edited INI.

NEVER rename DriverPack_xxxxxxxxx_wnt5_x86-32.ini

You have to look at the content of the INI, because if you remove folders and do not edit the INI you will get a "file not found" error during slipstream.
Renaming a folder also results in "file not found" if you do not change the foldername in the INI.

An example:
In Mass storage, ALL folders have a corresponding section in DriverPack_MassStorage_wnt5_x86-32.ini.
The header [3-1] corresponds with D\M\3\1
Header [31] would correspond with D\M\31 and Header [3A-1] would correspond with D\M\3A\1

In Sound you could nowadays see D\SCR1 [SCR1] and in LAN you could see D\LNV3 [LNV3]
We reduced Method 1 path length about two thousand characters that way.
Some DriverPacks have NO INI.
These are, of course, the easiest to trim.

When you prune DriverPacks and remove folders from a pack's tree you must remove the corresponding sections in that pack's INI.

You can remove a section in the INI and leave the folder in the pack.
(you may wish to do that for troubleshooting)

This will not create an error during slipstream.

- - - -

You have to recompress the DriverPack.
DPs_base uses the driverpacks, not the extracted folders.
The name you give the repacked DriverPacks must follow the naming convention for a driverpack.
If you unpacked xxx8031, you could call it xxx8032 so as not to accidentally overwrite the original.
I figure you would want the original in case your modification was not succesful.
Its higher version number will be useful anyway.

An example:
I let 7zip unpack it to folder so it creates a new folder (which automatically gets the name of the driverpack..)
Then I rename that folder changing the version number to a higher version number.
An example, 803 (year/month) becomes 8031 (year/month/revision).
If it was 8031 to begin with it I change it to 8032.
(I think you don't want to call it 804.. We could publish a new one in april and that one would be 804.)

After that do what you want to do in that new folder.
(Examples:  remove sections because you deleted a folder, move sections to change load order, make it not skip a driver, disable a driver and keep it for PnP, and so on.).

When you are done you select the D folder and INI file so that both get highlited, and rightclick to use 7zip on selection.
It will automatically suggest the name of the folder, which you had already renamed to higher version..
Settings are: 7z/Ultra/LZMA/wordsize 256/compact.

NEVER rename the INI.

Let us know what you had to fix, and how you did it.
Help us help you.

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