Topic: Creating a slipstreamed Driverpack install

I've been trying for the better part of a week to get the Driverpacks to slipstream into the installation source to get a functional system up and running.

I'm not making any headway, I've read and tried several methods described and I'm not having any luck with getting it to work correctly.

Can anyone guide me to a document or provide some insight on how to get the drivers to slipstream into the unattended install package(

Per the unattended instructions, everything is done from Z:\os\(OS version)\OS install files, for example: z:\os\winxpsp2\(install files from cd)

Here's what I've done:

Copied the install media to the local hard drive
downloaded base and driver packs and moved them to the correct location for integration
preformed a type 2 installation with the given directions (I don't have the exact information handy)
using the following packs
Mass Storage
Begin the slipstream
complete the slipstream
Installation media modified with an OEM folder with all required files inside, .sif files are modified, and Presetup.cmd is created
Move the modified install media to the correct location
begin the unattended install procedure (linux boot cd)

Some where during the install, the process breaks down (presetup.cmd) and nothing gets moved to the formatted HD, but the commands execute. I can tell this because it's calling the DSPdsblr.exe file during the first portion of the graphical install. This fails to run due to the files not being unpacked or moved.

I've looked at the presetup.cmd file and slightly modified it to include a Z share, it ended at Y.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

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Re: Creating a slipstreamed Driverpack install

Hello welcome to DriverPacks

DriverPacks is designed to be for disk based installations and also supports mass storage for BartPE

RIS SysPrep and other non CD/DVD type installs are not supported by the program.

If you do a search for RIS you will find some very useful input to help you

start here

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Re: Creating a slipstreamed Driverpack install

With what you stated, I've altered my process and it seems to work.  Here's what I did, it's not perfect but it works:

created the slipstreamed drivers pack/os installation and moved it to the given network location
copied the OEM folder and all associated files to CD
Started the network install and once the boot cd is no longer needed swap it out for the driver pack cd.
Completed the OS install to include the slipstreamed network drivers to allow the additional installation process to continue from the network.

I know that there's away to get this to work all from the single boot cd, the unattended wiki mentions using driver packs to install network drivers and chipset drivers in the installation process, but it's not very clear on how to set it up (a couple of dead links)

I'm going to keep plugging away at it and figure this out.

Re: Creating a slipstreamed Driverpack install

read the tutorial in my signature

and checkout roguespears autoimage … ic.php?t=3

it will use ryanvm and DriverPacks to create a ris install combine that with nlite and WPI and your done

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