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This is my first message, so I hope I am doing this right:
I could not find this string on the drivers pack:


So I found it here: … d=155942re:

On the file there is a directory /3.83logo/WinXP_2K/ that holds the inf file.


Re: [REQ] SiS M672

Hi and welcome,

It has already been added by Debugger in this test pack.

Oh and please post back to the thread you downloaded it from so they know it works. I am 100% sure it will seeing how your hwid was added.


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Re: [REQ] SiS M672

I did not see your reply until today... I am trying to access your link but it does not work.

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The link is working for me please try again.

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Hi, the TOPIC dolivas linked to is inaccessible to you because you are not in testing team/not a donor.
Here is the test pack we'd like you to use. … 2_71021.7z

Please report back with result?

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The answer was 42?
Kind regards, Jaak.

Re: [REQ] SiS M672

it was in the release

The answer was 42?
Kind regards, Jaak.