Topic: UnattendMode=FullUnattend & unsigned drivers

I am migrating from using a regular preinstallation, to an nLite installation with hotfixes and the files.

While reviewing Microsoft's WINNT.SIF documentation, I found under "Unattended.UnattendedMode=FullUnattended" :
     Specifies a fully unattended GUI-mode Setup. If you do not specify a required Setup answer in the answer file,
     Setup generates an error.
     During an attended Setup, improperly signed hardware drivers generate a warning dialog box. If
     UnattendMode = FullUnattended, then Setup does not install hardware drivers unless they are properly signed.
     Use UnattendMode = FullUnattended in deployment scenarios where you require a complete unattended

I do have "Unattended.DriverSigningPolicy=Ignore" and "NonDriverSigningPolicy=Ignore".

My question is, can I use FullUnattended mode if I want unsigned drivers to be able to be installed, or do I need to be using DefaultHide?  (I don't see in Microsoft's documentation whether DriverSigningPolicy=Ignore overrides the Setup not using unsigned drivers in FullUnattend mode.)

Re: UnattendMode=FullUnattend & unsigned drivers

if you are useing the driverpacks we address this issue.

jsut be sure slipstreaming the driverpacks is the last step

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