Topic: Security Vulnerability - nVidia Display Driver Service

Apparently, there is a Security Vulnerability concerning nVidia display drivers, at least those released prior to 2013.

Jimboc wrote:

..." once you have configured the Nvidia Control Panel settings to your liking please set the Nvidia Display Driver Service to the Disabled start-up type since driver 310.70 and prior versions have a security vulnerability. Further details are available at the following link (see the posts written by nvtweakman and myself): … gtx-690/2/"

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Jimboc wrote:

"I chose the thread I linked to about the security vulnerability since it was short and to the point. It was also discussed in the following threads (there is probably more threads available than these few): … a-drivers/ … e-needed-/ … le-310-70/ … be-hacked/

Since the 310 drivers no longer support the old GeForce 6 and 7 series (from 2004 - 2005) Nvidia will be releasing a driver for them that contains the fix for the security vulnerability in the coming weeks. This was mentioned by ManuelG in the following thread: … 7-series-/"

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