Topic: Windows 7\DriverPacks\SysPrep'ed\Ghost Image results in 0x7B BSOD

I'm new to these forums and I've spent the last 2 days trying to fix this issue.

I'm been wanting to make a Lenovo universal image for the 3 models we use here, the R61, R500 & T510.  We use Symantec Ghost Solution Suite to capture & deploy these images.

Sounds simple enough right?  I read through the forums and searched online and figured the simplest way for me to deploy this unified image was to:

1. Take an existing hardware dependent image & deploy to its platform (previous images are running Windows 7 x64 Enterprise, Sysprep'ed, generalized with the PersistAllDeviceInstalls=true)
2. Extract Win7 x64 Driverpacks,  delete all Server, Vista folders.  (to reduce driver store bloat)
3. Use ForFiles.exe & Pnputil.exe -a to add all drivers to the driver store.
4. Sysprep & Generalize - sysprep /generalize /oobe /shutdown /unattend:unattend.xml (changed PersistAllDeviceInstalls to FALSE)
5.  Capture image

When the image is deployed to the EXACT same laptop,  my system has a 0x7B BSOD, indicating INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE.  The drivers required are in the driver store and have NEVER been an issue before.  The SATA controller being used is:  Intel(R) 5 Series 6 Port SATA AHCI Controller
Hardware ID: PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_3B2F&SUBSYS_216817AA&REV_06

I've tried to enable boot logging to figure out EXACTLY which driver may be causing the issue, however no ntbtlog.txt file is ever created on the system volume and by manually watching the boot loader, I can see the BSOD occurs when disk.sys is loaded.

I've tried to use Fix_7HDC.cmd in order to install the SATA AHCI driver from Windows PE, however it states that the drivers are already enabled.   When I run through it and point it to the extracted MassStorage x64 driverpack, it finds a bunch of HWIDs, but practically all of them are already installed.  When I reboot, the same BSOD occurs.

Everything I've done SHOULD work, but I'm unable to determine why it is not.

Right now due to my limited timeframe, I plan on simply making hardware dependent images.  However, what other Ghost friendly method do I have to create this image?  Perhaps I could simply dump the extracted DriverPacks into "%WINDIR%\Inf"?  Maybe SAD2 will work, but I'm unsure if it will function correctly if I use it on a system that has all the PREVIOUS drivers still loaded.  Also, with SAD2, there isn't any clear guidance on how to make it silent and self-removing during Sysprep (SetupComplete.cmd sounds compelling, but do I remove all pause (Y/N) statements from the script? Do I use the -Silent swtich?

I'd greatly appreciate any help in resolving this issue, which I'm sure is very simple to fix.

Re: Windows 7\DriverPacks\SysPrep'ed\Ghost Image results in 0x7B BSOD

It sounds like you existing images are not compatible and/or the driverstore is corrupt. At minimum with windows 7, if you do not have the intel sata drivers integrated, it should still boot with the default ms ahci driver. On your failed deployed image computer, boot with your PE disk. Look in your windows directory for setup*.log files. They may give you more insight as to what is failing during the sysprep process.

Instead of pnputil, you may want to try to use dism instead. There are tutorials on the forum that walk you through the process. As a side note, I use the dism route and have imaged the r500 and r61 with out issues.

Re: Windows 7\DriverPacks\SysPrep'ed\Ghost Image results in 0x7B BSOD

well 7b is HDD controller driver failure...

Bigfoot is correct drivers must be added with DISM.

I havent syspreped win7 ... I am not a fan of SysPrep
... In XP it was neccessary to set the HDD driver to standard IDE before sysprep. May be something similar in NT6.

There is not any clear guideance for Silent and self removing for SAD2 because DriverPacks is all about unattended installation. In fact we do not support ANY attended installation methods. So... it goes without saying that it IS unattended and self removing, since we do not support any other kinds of installs. Sorry that was not obvious. To those that have been with us or known about us for almost a decade now it is very well known. Sometimes it is difficult for us to see ourselfs as a first timer since it has been so long since we were. We can update the SAD2 pages to make sure that people who are unfamiliar with our project(s) get the full picture. thanks for pointing it out.


PS you might look into Microsoft Deployment Toolkit

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