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I've been reading this post to attempt doing this on my own but im not sure i'm doing it right.

I have an odd task at hand which is to P2V a custom Windows Embedded Standard 2009 setup.  The machine is an HP t5740e and i beleive it has a Broadcom Netlilnk 57XX NIC.  I've downloaded XP drivers from here … p?legacy=1 and have unpacked them to C:\MOA\pebuilder\drivers\Net

what would i need to do after that?

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I'm not familiar with that embedded OS.  Is it XP-based or Vista/Win7-based?
How you integrate the drivers into the OS depends on how you plan on packaging it onto your recovery .iso.

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WES 2009 is basically XP.  What I'm building is the MOA iso (bartpe) in order to run VMware converter from a WinPE environment.


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Once you have the drivers in the \net\ folder of your PEbuilder, you should just run their utility to build the custom .inf.
I'm not familiar with MOA so I can't help you with that.