Topic: Slipstreaming Chipset Driverpack for BartPE installation platform


Is it possible to integrate %subj ?
It would be great for new pc's to avoid 7b BSOD, but this option is greyed out.


Re: Slipstreaming Chipset Driverpack for BartPE installation platform

1) 7b is an error with mass storage drivers...
    1a. therefore chipset is not relevant.

2) Chipset is greyed out because BartPE does not support chipset drivers.
2a. BartPE is not windows, It is a pre-installation  environment. (PE)
2b. all drivers in Bartpe are TextMode drivers, not windows drivers.
2c. Sound drivers are also not supported, see 2a.
2d. there is no such thing as a textmode chipset driver
   d1] Try to find an F6 driver for any chipset you ever heard of.

3)Yes it is possible and No it would not be great, your PE disk would likely just crash. There is zero benefit to force installing chipset since only textmode (read DOS) drivers are in use. Even if someone did write the plugin that would allow them to be forcefully installed and I then enabled the chipset plugin. you would still be without any acceleration benefit, it would simply take the disk longer to load and for no useful purpose whatsoever.
- 3a HWPNP is one such plugin that was used to enable some advanced drivers in BartPE. UBCD4Win uses it to enable video drivers. At one point Video drivers were disabled too. HWPnP was never advanced far enough to allow multimedia and chipset drivers. Now that the NT6 version of WinPE is out it is unlikely that it ever will be developed that far. PE is an installation and  recovery tool not a replacement for windows so little interest / development was dedicated to enabling non essential drivers (like chipset).

4) Instead of making a ridiculous statement like "it would be great if you", try asking an intelligent question. LIKE

Why are the driverpacks chipset drivers not available in BartPE?
Would enabling chipset help with a 7b error?

Then you look smart and eager to learn.

When you say "if you do this, then you will fix this" implies you know better than we do... If you are going to go there you had better make darn certain you are correct, and you were not. 

If that last statement seems harsh...
When you signed up you agreed to the rules and guidelines.
on the rules page is a link to How to ask questions the smart way
no matter how much forum experience you have it's a good read.
I re-read it once a year or so myself since there is also good tips on how to answer questions intelligently big_smile.

Questions are always safe, and well taken. Telling someone how to do their business is risky at best. Especially if the admin is a grumpy old fart. tongue wink

5) If you have a 7B error then
- read "Read BEFORE you post" linked in my signature, and is Rule #0.
- report your HWIDs here 
- link us to the F6 drivers that work for you 

we will gleefully add your driver the the mass storage pack (fixing the 7b error)

Thanks for "asking"

Welcome to

PS request denied.

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Re: Slipstreaming Chipset Driverpack for BartPE installation platform

I really don't think my question (or "question" for you) was so impolite or rude.

What i wanted to resolve is next :

I don't slipstream ANY driverspacks to my Bart. I always use Kares Driver Import PE for any drivers -
mass storage, network .. There is no problem to import any of your packs including chipset, sound ...
The boot this way is beyond compare quicker and prohibit possible drivers conflicts.
But some new nb (especially Dell) with newest chipset go to 07 bsod without any aditional drivers.
I know of course, that 7b is storage oriented, but in this case is AHCI bios mode problem. Some Bios
have no choice to disable it. On manufacturers pages you can find that is chipset drivers problem.
So i  thought (and i can be wrong of course) it can help to integrate chipset drivers.

I am realy long in bussines, but i NEWER think im smarter than any other person. From my experience
i learned to be ALWAYS modest as possible. If i think that i am smarter i would do it for myself.

So i thing your response was overstated and inadequate.

Tribute for your work.

Re: Slipstreaming Chipset Driverpack for BartPE installation platform

You missed the point... Completely

And obviously did not read how to ask questions.

you still haven't provided the HWIDs of the device you say is not supported by our mass storage plugin.

I did not say you were rude or offensive... I said your statement IMPLIED you know more than we do, and it does.

I merely suggested a better method of communicating.

instead of importing with kare, try using the prefered method of using DriverPacks BASE to build the mass storage plugin, that is why it's there. is your device now recognized.

PS there are NO CONFLICTS in our plugins

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