Topic: DPsFnshr (DriverPacks Finisher) alternative for DP MassStorage install

In order to make possible alternative or to make it exactly clear what does DPsFnshr do some information is needed.

Experiments show that removing DPsFnshr (by deleting OEM dir from cd root, restoring original setup.exe file from, cleaning winnt.sif, etc.) causes BSOD on the first system boot (after GUI part of Windows setup). The possible reason is that Windows need to install regular device driver for SATA controller.

Thus i decided to place DP MassStorage drivers pack on installation cd and install it with using of Windows detached methode.
The code placed in detached.cmd is executed by system just after setup.exe startup that allows to keep original Windows setup.exe file (this is important in my case).




@echo off
set path=%path%;%systemdrive%\drivers
:: extracting DP MassStorage
7zg.exe x -r -y -o%systemdrive%\drivers %systemdrive%\drivers\dpm1106.7z
:: setting drivers dir with all its subdirs to device search path
devpath.exe %systemdrive%\drivers
:: disabling Windows drivers policies (also can be done with regedit)
start drvpolic.exe
:: making system rescan hardware (optional)
devcon.exe rescan

The result of such DP installation was not successful with using of DP MassStorage 1106.
I suppose that possible reason is the installing wrong inf-file (these are several ones of different versions placed in separate dirs).

It seems that dpinst.exe should be used for scanning the whole drivers directory tree and installing of correct inf-file, shouldnt it?

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Re: DPsFnshr (DriverPacks Finisher) alternative for DP MassStorage install

that method will fail...

detached program runs in PARALLEL with setup and not before it... therefore it is possible that the drivers would be needed before they were extracted and actually in place, In fact it is quite likely that setup would need them before they were extracted.

That is why we use "fake" setup, it halts setup until after the drivers are extracted... Obviously this is critical to making them work.

What you can do is to use Method One (M1) in DriverPacks BASE. M1 does not use "fake setup". HOWEVER if you use M1 there is a limit of 4096 characters in your path length. That is why M1 is seldom used anymore, we hit the 4096 limit in like 2005... It is possable to select just a few main DriverPacks with M1 and then use dpinst for the remainder. (the DriverPacks BASE feature SAD uses dpinst.exe)

So if you can't use M2 because you cant have fake setup then use M1 and only select the basics Mass Storage, Chipset and LAN. Then call SAD from a script (perhaps RunOnce or RunOnceEX or even Startup) for the remaining DriverPacks you require.  (Be sure to install AT LEAST Mass Storage AND Chipset, since mass storage is a dependent of Chipset. Can't put a capstone on the pyramid without first building a base big_smile. Chipset is the base that all other drivers are built upon)

I hope that helps


PS NO dpinst should not be used. It certainly does not work anywhere nearly as well as windows setup does. It should... but we know from experience that it absolutely does not... the best method is the recommended one DriverPacks BASE M2. Anything else is going to cause you issues in one form or another. M2 is recomended because nothing else even comes close to working as well... We have been trying to improve on Wim's project since 2003... We pretty well have it perfected after almost ten years and over a hundred million users. (we often have weeks where we get over two million downloads). So you are not going to find / invent a better system. If you have certain constraints placed on you, we understand, and are here to help. But you are going to get less than optimal results if you deviate from a M2 install. (<--that is a BIG period)

The alternate I suggest above will be about as close as you can get without using fake setup (the recommended Method 2 install). M1 for Chipset, Mass and LAN... SAD (Stand Alone Drivers, using MS's DPINST.exe) for the remainder. That will work fairly well. (95% instead of 99.99%)

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