Topic: [IMPL] Chipset - FTDI USB2 serial drivers

New WHQL driver for win-all x86 & x64 (FTDI USB2 - serial)


available here: …   big_smile
Release notes - including 1.00.xxxx versions: … 20Info.rtf
Advanced driver options: … 000073.pdf

I believe there may have been HWID's included in that driver missing from the current release.
From v1.00.2154


From v2.08.14



Perhaps the old .inf could be modified to remove support for the VID_0403&PID_6001 (8bit FIFO), in deference to the new driver (including virtual COM ports - VCP & direct USB access via a Dll - D2XX)
The '8372' is an embedded serial port on a FT8U100AX USB1.1 Hub:

A newer driver is available to support such devices (v1.00.2162):  big_smile
However; it is not WHQL certified.

Better yet, here is the latest WHQL driver (v1.00.2176) to handle those legacy devices (hidden on FTDI's site!):   big_smile
In this case, the PID num's 6001, & 6010 (x2) should be commented out (driver v1.00.2176). 

Thanx.  smile

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Re: [IMPL] Chipset - FTDI USB2 serial drivers

Added to 11.04 (in work)
-F1\ FTDI USB Serial Converter DriverVer=12/12/2005,1.00.2176
-F2\ FTDI USB Serial Converter DriverVer=03/18/2011,2.08.14

Re: [IMPL] Chipset - FTDI USB2 serial drivers

updated to {DriverVer=04/10/2012, 2.08.24} aka v2.8.24 WHQL (see below)
  from FTDI here --> … big_smile
     also available as an executable here --> smile

* WHQL'ed for
2000, XPX86, XPX64, Server2003X86, Server2003X64, VistaX86, VistaX64, Server2008X86, Server2008X64, 7X86, 7X64

Release Fixes:  from Release Notes
•    EEPROM fix for FT-X.
•    Includes fixes from v2.08.14 onwards.

Happy 20th Anniversary, FTDI!
About FTDI.   * Note:  I have no ties to this company, financial or otherwise.

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Re: [IMPL] Chipset - FTDI USB2 serial drivers

Wow! Thank you so much for this info. The printer AURA-5200 is now working but isn't showing up in the Devices&Printers folder under printers but is rather seen as a "serial <-> usb" in other devices. How could I make it visible for programs like MSWord and XL and be able to print docs from them as well as from specialized POS programs.

Please save me, man:)!!