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I'm old user of until now i used DriverPack to itegrate drivers to WinXP with success.

Today I migrate to windowd 7 and I've a stupid questions:
The only DPs_BASE_1006.exe I find  is here.
1) It is the only one for all windows (XP, Vista and  7)? If NOT where's the right link?
2) As I understand the Vista drivers works for Win 7 too. Right?
3) Do the drivers integration is the same procedure for all windows ?

TNX for yr help

Re: Old user with stupid question

Vista drivers are also teh win 7 drivers - We're waiting on Wim to change the name / description to NT6.

DriverPacks BASE does not do nt6 (win 7 / Vista) you need to download the WAIK (this is true of all NT6 tools) - I personaly recomend getting the deployment management tool "Microsoft Deployment Toolkit" and installing WAIK from the MDT GUI. extract the DriverPacks and import them to the "out of box drivers" You can however use DISM the command line tool included with WAIK for adding and removing drivers. I posted a walkthrough which can be found from our home page  follow the link to "Docs".

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Re: Old user with stupid question

TNX OverFlow for the info

Re: Old user with stupid question

Hi OverFlow, Thank you very much. I appreciate you

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