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I really just starting to play with Win 7 and I will check DISM later but my dumb question is what tool or tools if any are the 7 packs really designed for? Are they meant to be used with DISM or 7-lite etc? Can they be run in a SAD style? Sorry for the stupid question...

Re: Win7 DriverPacks Question

There are no stupid questions. the only stupid question is the one that is never asked.

the windows seven packs are not designed for any specific tool...

they are perfect for DISM. They can be used with SAD but you will have to create a SAD folder and then add them manually (IE use the CPU Pack with M1 to create the folders and file structure then extract the Win7 packs where the CPU pack was extracted wink).

I would get the DMT (Deployment Management Tool) from MS and install the WAIK (which includes DISM) from the DMT.

Have a great day.


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Re: Win7 DriverPacks Question

Hai people, am a newbee to driverpacks but i have used them so well without any complaint in the past years. Am for ever gratefull to you
guys for them. My question is that i have an INTEL VGA DRIVER 915GM driver for windows xp. Is it possible to get it to work on windows 7?
I have searched everywhere but to no hope.

Thank you in advance.

Re: Win7 DriverPacks Question

The answer is both yes & no. … p;lang=eng
Intel does not provide Win7-specific drivers.  BUT, it MAY work in a default install after updating drivers using Windows Update