Topic: [SOLVED] 6.08.2 Updater still broken

While I hate to repeat myself, apparently the updater still didn't work in the previous version hmm

I'm getting a
DPs_BASE_6.08.2.exe is not valid Win32-Application
error aftr the program shut itself down to commence with the updating process.

Funny thing is, the "downloading" phase was so short it could have impossible DL the whole installation file in that time.
Even on my 2Mbit connection it would take a good 10sec to finish getting this file.

Maybe that is related to the issue?

Or it's already fixed in 6.08.3, but there's no way I could test that yet ;P

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Re: [SOLVED] 6.08.2 Updater still broken


I thought I had read '6.08.3'... I'm glad that was wrong. I can confirm that if you downloaded the DriverPack Sound B in the first two hours after the release, then you'll have this bug. But after that, you won't wink I've mentioned this somewhere else on the forum too, by the way wink

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Re: [SOLVED] 6.08.2 Updater still broken

confirmed , still broken

Re: [SOLVED] 6.08.2 Updater still broken

Yes...and my my base exe went bye bye. I miss it. sad

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