Topic: Problem with download Vista & 7 x64 DriverPacks

Hi again.

"I have problem with download:

Audio x64 912.2
Masstorage x64 912.1
Graphics A x64 912.1
Mobile Graphics x64 912.1

"404 File Not Found - SimpleCDN Upload Bucket
o5.76 ""

There is difference between link and file to download.

vista/x64/Audio_w7x64_9122.7z -> vista/x64/Audio_x64_9122.7z
vista/x64/Masstorage_x64_912.1.7z -> vista/x64/Masstorage_x64_9121.7z
vista/x64/Graphics_A_w7x64_912.1.7z -> vista/x64/Graphics_A_x64_9121.7z
vista/x64/Graphics_Mobile_x64_912.1.7z -> vista/x64/Graphics_Mobile_x64_9121.7z

Re: Problem with download Vista & 7 x64 DriverPacks

The downloads are working just fine here. Are you still seeing this problem? Can you reproduce it in another browser, on another computer?

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Re: Problem with download Vista & 7 x64 DriverPacks

He was using Muiz direct links from the forum rather than the links from
Since Muiz and I were working on the packs only the links on the downloads page were working. (since they are automatic)
Muiz had to go back manually and update all the direct links. smile

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