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I have a question

could anybody make me a tutorial for a Windows XP installation,
where I can select the driverpack who I will use in the installation.



Re: select Driver pack


Putting five identical posts in the Translations Team Forum is considered Spamming the Forum, and Will result in your being banned. Especialy since you are not a member of the translations team. Posting in the wrong forum is considered lame, so is cross posting.

I moved the one post that was in English to the 'other' forum.
I deleted the four that were seemingly in Dutch. We do have a Dutch forum just for that.

We already have a tutorial posted on this site available from the home page.
Most all of us also have a link to our tutorial in our signatures.

You have failed to: Read the rules and guidelines, or Read the tutorials, or use Search, and have spammed the forum.
You have failed to describe what your issue is with any kind of detail that would allow us to answer you intelligently.
You have not provided any of the info in "Read BEFORE you post".

You are not off to a good start.

1) Read "Read BEFORE you post" linked to in my signature.

2) Read the tutorial linked to in my signature.

3) Read the rules and guidelines.

4) Use the "Search" feature of our forum.

5) Make sure you post in the correct forum for your issue.

6) Do not create more than one post per issue.

7) Explain in detail what your issue is.

You might as well have asked us what color the dog is...
  - - Exactly! - that makes no sense either!!! - just like your post(s)!

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