Topic: [SOLVED] Some checksums unavailable?!

SOUNDB and CPU checksums not available from the main download page: temporary issue?

Re: [SOLVED] Some checksums unavailable?!

Wim is working on the metadata on the main site... I populated the site with input from a program i wrote...
Wim is now rewriting that program in python and experimenting with different layouts like xml vs. ini and the site will be in a state of flux as the upgrades are massaged into a more polished final product. The main idea is a search engine that will return all packs that support a given HWID... Pretty cool eh?

Pardon our dust, but some really cool stuff is in the works!

Yea Wim!


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Re: [SOLVED] Some checksums unavailable?!

For those who wonder, here is what it gave me:

Re: [SOLVED] Some checksums unavailable?!

Has been fixed a long time ago and will be improved further next month.


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