Topic: A way to make an .ISO out of a .VHD

The way in this guide can only be done from Windows 7 !
And you need to have WAIK installed.

And yes there are more ways to do this.

First unpack a version from before the build you have as .VHD
(In this guide i will take build 7229 as an example)
to a folder.

Then go to the "control panel admin tools" :

There you go to : "Computer Management"

There you right click on : "Disk Management" and choose : "Attach VHD"

Then browse to your ".VHD" file.

And click "OK"

Then there will be added a "Virtual Drive"
In this example it is drive "J"
The drive icon collor is blue.

Now open a "WAIK command prompt"
(there is a shortcut for that in your start menu)
In there paste this line :

imagex /compress maximum /flags "Ultimate" /capture j: c:\install.wim "Windows 7 Ultimate"

/capture j:  (put your own drive letter there i used J: as an example)

Wait till its finished.
In this example it will place the new "install.wim" into "C:\"
Now copy the new "install.wim" into the folder where you extracted the build 7229 iso.
In the "Sources" folder
And overwrite the "install.wim" file.
Now open the build 7229 original ISO with a program like "UltraISO" and make a new iso from the folder where 7229 is extracted and the new "install.wim" is placed.
After that you can mount or burn it and run the setup.