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Vista-Tool Guide.

Things you need :
*A Vista DVD or ISO
(Its recommended to use a Vista source that already has SP1 in it, saves you lots of time.
otherwise you will have to integrate SP1 first. Make sure you use a clean source nothing edited yet.
So i skip that part.)
*a drive or a partition with lots of space
*The slipstream tool , Vista-Tool or Vlite
*Hotfix Packs
*Driver Packs
*Windows System Image Manager (WAIK)

Unpack your Vista DVD or ISO to a folder.
Examples : D:\Vistax64 or D:\Vistax86
The hotfixes to : D:\Vistawork\Hotfixesx64 or D:\Hotfixesx86
And the drivers : D:\Vistawork\Drivers64 or D:\Vistawork\Drivers86
Your tools etc. D:\Vistawork\Tools
Mount folder D:\Vistawork\Mount
Folders :

Vista DVD folder :
Remove the files marked on this screenshot, they are not needed.

In there you will see a folder called "Sources"
Remove everything inside, exept "boot.wim" & "install.wim"
Source folder:

The Vista source will get bigger after slipstreaming, so its recomended to use only one version of Vista.
In this guide i will do "Vista Ultimate"
To make your Vista DVD a "Ultimate" only can be done on a few ways.
But i will discuss the easiest one for now.
And that is with "Vlite"
First install WAIK :
-Windows Automated Installation Kit (AIK) for Vista Sp1 & Windows Server 2008- 1202,09 MB

And Vista-Tool 1.0:
Download : Vista-Tool 1.0- 84,8 kB
Credits : Jan

Install the latest "Vlite" from:

Then open "Vlite"and browse to your VistaDVD folder.
Example : D:\Vistawork\Vistax64 or D:\Vistawork\Vistax86
It will ask wich vista version you want to open, for this example we choose "Windows Vista Ultimate"

Then only mark : "Tweaks" and hit "Aply".

You can set some tweaks here, but its not needed if you dont want to.

And choose : "Rebuild one "Ultimate" and click "OK"
It will take a while......
After that you have a Vista Source (install.wim) that contains only "Ultimate"

Unpack all "Hotfix packs" to your "Hotfix folder" , so you will get one folder with all hotfixes in it.
Hotfix folder:

And your drivers to one folder but keeping each driverpack folder, so you get one folder wich contains the Audio , Lan, chipset etc. folder.
Driver folder:

Now its time to start "Vista-Tool"
I know it can be done with "Vlite" to, but doesnt work very well with drivers etc.
So i recommend "Vista-Tool" to do this job.
After starting "Vista-Tool" browse to your Vista source folder in the tool.
Your "Mount" folder (has to be empty)
Your driver folder.
And the folder for the ISO (Only works if the "install.wim" is smaller then 4gb, more about that later.)
Now select in  "Vista-Tool" image "1" , cause we have only "Ultimate" so it contains only one image.
Leave the integrate setting the way it is.

Since most people here have more then 4gb ram, i will only do x64 in this guide.
There are a few limitations in "Vista-tool 1.0" with x64 drivers.(Will be fixed in next version.)
Go to the"VISTA-TOOLS\Bin" folder and open the "Drivers.xml" with wordpad.
There is 2x "DriverPaths>
            <PathAndCredentials wcm:action="add" wcm:keyValue="1">
In the second one fill in the path to your "x64 driver folder"
Example : "DriverPaths>
            <PathAndCredentials wcm:action="add" wcm:keyValue="1">
And save the file.

Now put a mark in : "Mount-RW" and hit start.

When you go to your "Mount" Folder now you will see that it contains Vista now.

At this point you can add or remove things in there , for example put Prime95 etc. in the desktop folder in your "Mount folder"
Just browse in your mount folder to: "D:\vistawork\MOUNT\Users\Administrator\Desktop"
Its also possible to let things install etc, but thats another guide.
Now put a mark in "Integrate Hotfix" and hit start.
You will see several command screens like this :
This will take some time!!
After it is finished and your sure no errors occured, you can mark : "Unmount-Commit" and hit "START" to save your image.
In case something goes wrong you can mark : "Unmount-Dispose" , Carefull, this will undo all things you just slipstreamed or changed!!!
When everything went fine you have yourself an updated Vista source.
Now you can if needed or wanted , open this source again with : "Vlite" and remove some stuff that is not realy needed , like: Languages, Picture samples etc.
Dont remove things if you are planning to install SP2 later.
So becarefull with removing stuff, better first go to the Vlite forum for that!!!
Cause this is NOT a "Vista LITE" guide i will not go into this.
Now open a working bootable Vista ISO on your pc , in this case the x64 version.
With a tool like "UltraIso"
Remove all the vista dvd files you see there.
And browse to your VistaDVD source folder and fill it up with that.
Now go to file, and do : "Save as"
Now you have a up to date bootable ISO.
Save that ISO to another location.
Now we go integrate the drivers.
Start "Vista-Tool" again and mark "Mount-RW" and hit start.
Then mark : "Integrate-Drivers" and hit "START" again.
This will take a while.
After it says its done go to the "VISTA-TOOLS" folder and open : "Driverlog.txt"
Scroll down to the bottom of this it wil, say something like this :
"SUCCESS:Successfully marked devices for reinstall! (Error code (HRESULT) 0x0.)
2009-05-04 14:44:15, Info                  CBS    Pkgmgr: Install Drivers Offline Callback: INFO:   Installed '274' drivers. (Error code (HRESULT) 0x0.)
2009-05-04 14:44:15, Info                  CBS    Pkgmgr: Install Drivers Offline Callback: INFO:   RETURN InstallDriversOffline (0) (Error code (HRESULT) 0x0.)
2009-05-04 14:44:15, Info                  CBS    Pkgmgr: return code: 0x0
2009-05-04 14:44:15, Info                  CBS    Pkgmgr: return code: 0x0"

If not , you did something wrong.
If it went ok, mark "Unmount-Commit" and hit "START"
Again this will take a while.
Now make an iso out of it with a tool like "UltraIso" and your done.
The version without drivers can be used if there are coming out some new drivers ,or you want more versions with different driver versions.
This way you will always have a driver free version to slipstream drivers in it.
Remember you will have to use "WHQL" drivers , or you will get popups during the Vista setup about the unsigned drivers.
But thats up to you.
You also can make it unattended with "Vlite" ,so you dont have to do anything and the setup does all the work for you.
This is the basic guide, and maybe i forgot a few things, im sorry about that and will fix if needed.

The Hotfix packs and Tools :

The driverpacks :

I hope i helped a few with this.


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