Topic: [SOLVED] New General DriverPacks forum topic?

Hello i try to post a general problem but couldnt find any specific forum topic for this, can you add a "DriverPacks General" ? under Windows 2000, XP and Server 2003 DriverPacks (wnt5_x86-32) probably in Vista DriverPacks (x86-x64) too or where should we post general problems?

I use Windows XP Pro SP3 on most of computers.

I have a problem when i install all driverpacks from C:\DP\DP_Install_Tool.cmd i use this tool frequently for diferent computers, most of the times when i use this i get insalled Lan and Wreless drivers correcly, but i always get a conflict on device manager for Video, Audio and others drivers.

Screen Shot:

How can i fix this when i use this so i dont get this conflicts anymore and get the drivers installed correcly?


Re: [SOLVED] New General DriverPacks forum topic?

Welcome to DriverPacks eLtangaZ

we have that forum already its called "Feedback and Support - DriverPacks Base"

I can only guess at this... advanced hardware requires basic hardware to be installed first.
so it may be that you need to run it wonce to install chipset and other basic drivers reboot and then re run SAD...

It may also be that DPInst.exe will simply fail on certain drivers... that may be beyond our control.

we welcome additional info and feedback from you...

Have a great day and thanks for helping us to help you!

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